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broadoaks currently
has unpaid debts that
are causing real concern

despite many
for payment

clearly broadoaks's
predicament cannot
continue indefinitely

court action is
the likely outcome
broadoaks care home faces

it begs the question has
broadoaks behaved
honourably in this matter?

if your business has experienced
similar problems with this
care home please get in touch

Rochford residential care home

Broadoaks Default Notice:

The original website for Broadoaks Residential Care Home was replaced by this Default Notice in September 2012 and this occurred because the business owners failed to pay an outstanding invoice that was more than 3 months overdue.

Broadoaks Dilemma:

Accepting the fact they have not paid outstanding invoices going back more than 12 months. Do they now belatedly pay their outstanding debt or do Broadoaks risk being taken to court?

Broadoaks Search Phrases:

The scrolling search phrases below are the ones most used when trying to find our home in Rochford. The search engines are listed in order of popularity.

♦ Broadoaks

♦ 2 Southend Road

♦ Rochford

♦ Essex

♦ England  SS4 1HA  UK

♦ Tel:  01702 545 888

Latest Broadoaks News on Friday 04th September 2015 ... Our sincere apologies to all those who were expecting to visit Broadoaks Residential Home website. It has been replaced because the owners have failed to pay invoices that are long overdue. If you wish to contact the Webmaster please click on the down arrow key in the Contact form below, select Webmaster and email us your inquiry. Thank you for your time!

Rochford residential care home

residential care home in Rochford

To phone us call: 01702 545 888

Alternatively, if you complete the form below we shall respond as soon as possible.

Broadoaks Home Owners:  Croll Group
Broadoaks Director:  Christian Croll

Thank you for visiting Broadoaks Default Notice and please come back again soon.

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