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Care Home

dark clouds are gathering over Broadoaks home!

why because Broadoaks has a number of seriously overdue debts

this ongoing crisis is the sole responsibility of Broadoaks owners

namely croll group and 2 of its directors carl and christian croll

as a caring company they clearly don’t care about their suppliers

which must be of great concern to their list of creditors

latest news: Broadoaks offer out of court settlement to clear debts

21 sept 2015 - Broadoaks out of court settlement rejected

22 sept 2015 - Broadoaks increase their offer to settle out of court

02 oct 2015 - Broadoaks increased offer again rejected

at long last croll group acknowledge responsibility!

They should now offer acceptable compensation to end this dispute.

Broadoaks Default Notice

The original website for Broadoaks was replaced by a Default Notice in September 2012 and this happened because the home owners failed to pay an overdue invoice that was more than 1 month overdue.

Broadoaks Reputation

There is no doubting the fact that Broadoaks Care Home's reputation has suffered over the past 3 years but, why? Only Eastwood Hall Limited, the care home's owners can answer that question. Surely most right minded businessmen would have paid the outstanding invoices to have the Default Notices removed and then cancelled the contract with their supplier!

Broadoaks Dilemma

Accepting the fact they have not paid outstanding invoices going back a number of years. Do they now belatedly pay their outstanding debt or do Broadoaks risk being taken to court? Of course they could if they felt confident enough commence court proceedings against their creditor but, surely this should have been carried out years ago!

Broadoaks Search Engine Phrases

The scrolling search phrases below are the ones most used when trying to find our home in Rochford. The search engines are listed in order of popularity.

  • Broadoaks
  • 2 Southend Road
  • Rochford
  • Essex
  • SS4 1HA
  • 01702 545 888
  • Broadoaks Directors:
  • Carl Croll
  • Christian Croll
  • Derek Charles Croll
  • Maureen Ann Croll
  • Broadoaks Care Manager:
  • Sally Clarke
  • Broadoaks Mail