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home owners
guilty of
elderly abuse

owners facing court proceedings in a rapidly unfolding situation

alleging elderly abuse which must be very worrying for their residents

especially when the overall majority of them are elderly people

anyone thinking of moving into Broadoaks should think again

because of evidence surrounding Broadoaks owners and the elderly

would you want a loved one to be placed in such a vulnerable situation?

Broadoaks Wrongdoings

It all started some 3 years ago when the owners, Croll brothers Carl and Christian, ill-advisedly tried to bully one of their beneficiaries. This was followed up in 2014 by a further error of misjudgement that would have the most serious of consequences for this home when they subjected an elderly person to sustained abuse over many months.

Broadoaks Reputation

There is no doubting the fact that Broadoaks Care Home's reputation has taken a severe battering in recent months when the dispute escalated but the owners only have themselves to blame. The trouble is, it relatively takes a long time to build up a good reputation whereas it can be completely undone in a matter of weeks!

Broadoaks Solicitors

Accepting the fact they had a serious problem on their hands. The owners in September 2015 appointed Gepp & Sons, a renowned firm of local solicitors. Who were duly instructed to bring about the removal of this website from the Internet within days, or failing that, to commence court proceedings without further notice.

Despite incurring £1,000's in legal costs over the past couple of months the home owners are no nearer their objective which speaks volumes for their inability to deal with the current impasse and the consequential stress and worry being imposed on their residents and staff!

Broadoaks Latest

In an ever worsening situation, Croll Group are currently instructing an even more prestigious firm of London based solicitors to extricate themselves from their predicament. In the prevailing circumstances it can only be construed their previous strategy has failed miserably. Are the directors ever going to realise they are not only morally bankrupt but are also endangering their business by taking on an unwinnable battle in the courtroom?

Broadoaks Phraseology

The scrolling search phrases below are the ones most used when trying to find our home in Rochford. They also clearly show how well our website is performing in all the major search engines, and are listed in order of popularity.

  • Broadoaks
  • 2 Southend Road
  • Rochford
  • Essex
  • SS4 1HA
  • 01702 545 888
  • Broadoaks Directors:
  • Carl Croll
  • Christian Croll
  • Broadoaks Care Manager:
  • Sally Clarke
  • Broadoaks Mail

Publisher Apology

In every conflict it is often the case that the innocent suffer the most which unfortunately is what might be taking place here. Therefore the publisher of this website offers their heartfelt apologies to Broadoaks staff and care home residents together with their families and friends for any harm caused however unintentional.

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